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Electronics Business Unit

What we do for you:
AGE loves complexity! In our Electronics business unit also, mathematical processes play an important role. The results are anything but theoretical number play: we offer practically tried and tested solutions and products, which prove their reliability also in industrial applications.

   Test stands with and for servo-hydraulic drives: Single and multi-axis test stands for Automotive, Construction and Satellite industries, e.g. crash-test plants, satellite shakers, earthquake simulators, axial test stands, as well as driving and flight simulators.

Specialised control and evaluation algorithms
Measuring data acquisition and analysis
Operation and control devices
Safety devices for electronic circuits
Mechanical structure analysis based on proprietary, patented processes.

3D Sweep analysis
3D Sweep analysis (AGE-Patent)

AGE printed circuit board
AGE printed circuit board

AGE measuring device
     AGE measuring device
What distinguishes us:

  Along with the software, hardware, and electromechanical components, we provide systems that exhibit complexity far beyond normal engineering standards.
  We ensure that the development of complex algorithms and strongly customised hardware (embedded systems, programmable logic, etc.) is always focused on implementation in the industrial field.
  AGE holds patents in the areas of:

Structural analysis
Multi-axis control
Safety devices for actuators
Electro-hydraulic acceleration control (et al.)
Industrial bus design (et al.)

 ESA Test Centre(Noordwijk, Niederlande)