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Satellite Communications Business Unit

What we do for you:

Reliable and safe communication is increasingly becoming a competitive deciding factor. Satellite communications are taking a key role, with everincreasing meaning.

Our Satellite Communications business unit supports you on all bandwidths: from the conception and implementation to the supervision of your system. If required, of course, we can take care of individual tasks of your application:

  Expansion of your terrestrial or wireless network with satellite channels (e.g. VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Networks)
  New satellite network connection as alternative to terrestrial connection
  Integration of the End-to-End encryption in your IT security policy
  Interface adaptation
  Hardware supply (Buy/Lease)
  Transceiver (Downlink) and transmitter (Uplink) hardware implementation
  Encryption hardware for encryption and decryption, as well as authentication
  Qualified training
  Selection of technically and economically favourable SAT providers
  Bandwidth optimisation using AGESCOM-Pool
  Monitoring, servicing and (remote) maintenance of the running systems

What makes us stand out:

  We combine satellite communications and high-score cryptography.
  We offer crypto-engineering following state-of-the-art standards of European space industry.
  Along with standard encryption, we also use proprietary encryption algorithms.
  We offer modern satellite communication combining product and service (transponder sharing for bandwidth optimisation).

Artistic view of Galileo
Artistic view of Galileo (Photo: ESA)

The Beagle 2 landing site
The Beagle 2 landing site (Photo: ESA)

Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii
Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii - CHRIS
image - 15 April 2002 (Photo: ESA)