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   Security Business Unit

    What we do for you:

Further possibilities imply further risks. This is especially true for electronic communications. The AGE Security business unit provides several Workpackages to tackle the new risk, which cover the increasing security requirements of our custo­mers.

    “IT Security Consulting”

  • Design and redesign of IT security policies
  • Execution of risk and security analysis
  • Definition of security requirements
  • Documentation of current security levels
  • Target/actual analysis against international minimum standards
  • Design of security concepts and procedural instructions
  • Execution of security analyses on all levels of the security organisation
  • Personnel training
  • Information meetings for IT security
  • IT security project management

 Calculation using hyperelliptic curves (HECC)
Calculation using hyperelliptic curves (HECC)
    “IT Protection optimisation”

  • Firewalls
  • Virus protection and content filtering
  • Hard and software encryption
  • User authentication
  • Update of protection systems using the latest encryption solutions

    “Customised Encryption Algorithms”

  • Development of an individual, customised encryption algorithm
  • Integration of these algorithms into open security systems

    What distinguishes us:

  • Through the use of recognised standard methods of the European space industry, we reach a unique level of quality and security in other lines of business also.
  • Along with standard encryption, we also offer customised encryption algorithms.
  • Conventional concepts provide single solutions, which, due to their universality, must show system-limited security holes.
  • In contrast to a pure encryption consulting, we are not dependent on traditional technology. Our goal for the customer is not just limited to reaching recognised standards, but to guarantee real security performance that will constantly withstand any attack.