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"Making Possible the Impossible"

AGE offers a platform from which technical and mathematical ideas become reality. What sounds abstract has a high practical usefulness. High Tech from the areas of Control Technology, Software, Electronics, Hydraulics and Electromechanics, combined with Engineering performance as well as Manufacturing and Marketing, provide you with a wide, but highly specialised range of services.

AGE® is a registered trademark for “Mathematical Services” and stands for our claim: Excellent AGE knowhow optimising your needs – and your success!

Our customers testify that we put our claims into practice: “AGE succeeds in making possible the impossible.” (Head of Development of an AGE Customer).

In all our business units – Satellite Communications, Security, and Electronics, the well-established university training of the founders and staff of AGE, along with practical experience gained since 1980 will give you the cutting edge.

TriAGE, the incredible Triangle Puzzle. Software and concept by Andreas Grimm. Copyright Andreas Grimm.