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Competence with Methods

Even the best specialised competence can only have be effective if it is put into practice using competent methods. Mathematical processes also play a meaningful role in the area of method competence.

A representative example from Satellite technology: Service redesign after the launch of a satellite into space is generally impossible. Therefore, all eventualities must be taken into consideration – nothing should be left out!

Our long term activity in the Satellite Test Centre at the European Space Agency (ESA) has therefore equipped us with the best expertise for special knowledge in the linking of design, engineering, production and quality assurance, in accordance with the highest European regulations.

AGE is specialist for the Engineering Process “PSS05”, used by the ESA, and its successor, “ECSS”. No one else had ever before implemented the software-based specialised process at the ESA. We have adapted the process for related areas such as electronics, electromechanics, mathematics and control technology, and have also successfully applied it in these areas. In this framework, FMEA/FMECA (Failure Modes Effects Critical Analysis) were carried out, and successfully for the first time in the software area. A pioneering performance.

By applying this methodology to its suppliers, AGE provides the customer with a closed, transparent and especially tried and tested system.

ATV Satellite in the ESA/ESTEC test building
(Photo: Private archive)

ATV Satellite in the ESA/ESTEC test building
(Photo: Private archive)